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Our Mission and Vision:

VISION of SalsaKnox Dance Company: 
(What do we hope to achieve?)
-To inspire all people to find their own happiness through the joy of dance!

MISSION of SalsaKnox Dance Company 
(How we will we achieve this?)
 -To provide a fun and safe dance community where all students feel successful: 
mentally, emotionally, and physically.

SalsaKnox Dance Company
About Us | SalsaKnox Dance Company
SalsaKnox Dance Company is a Latin dance school based in Knoxville, TN. We offer different levels of Salsa classes – Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced. All of our dance instructors are professional and we go deeper into the Salsa music to give you a better understanding of how to feel the rhythm and interpret it into your steps and partner work.

This creates a very different vibe in our group dance classes and lets them stand out from the rest!

The owners of SalsaKnox Dance Company are Waldo & Jacqueline Solano mission is to provide the highest level of artistic education and to inspire dancers & others around the world while keeping a loyal, friendly and encouraging atmosphere.
Jacqueline Solano
About Us | Jacqueline Solano
Jacqueline Solano, co-owner of SalsaKnox Dance Company and social media influencer, has been dancing Salsa and Bachata for over 14 years.  Originally from Raleigh, NC, Jacqui came to Knoxville TN to earn her Masters Degree in Secondary Education.  She has a passion for teaching, and that translates into her dance instruction and company.  Her passion is ladies styling and choreography teams.  She loves to perform and inspire others to leave better than they came.  She claims that dance is a universal language that has saved her over and over again.  "Dance is something that inspires, uplifts, loves! Everyone should have music and dance in their lives! I believe we are all born with an inclination to love music, and we spend our lives being pulled back into the rhythms, beats, and feelings that bring us joy and happiness in this world!" She believes all people who can walk can dance, and in every culture there is joy that comes from moving to music!

Waldo Solano
About Us | Waldo Solano
Waldo Solano, Business Entrepreneur, coach, performer, instructor, and social media influencer, has a passion for people.  He is originally from Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico, and he grew up dancing most Tropical Music, Cumbia, and Salsa in Mexico City. He has been dance instructing for over 20 years and business consulting and coaching for years with dance instructors looking to start or improve their dance companies.  

As far as Waldo's dance classes, you will feel the difference as soon as you enter.  He has a warm and welcoming manner and is known for being to train anyone that can walk to dance Salsa.  His personal favorite saying is, "If you can walk, you can dance." He has yet to meet a person who truly wants to learn to dance that he could not train.  

He prides himself on making sure his dance classes are fun and easy to learn.  When students come to his class, they leave happier and less stressed than when they entered.  His passion is to help enrich lives, physically, mentally, emotionally and socially, through the positive and transformative power of dance. 

There are thousands of reasons people start dance classes, from wedding dance instruction, a new hobby, or a way to connect with your partner, improving your social life, physical and emotional health. And once he shows you how much fun salsa dancing can be, he knows you'll want to come back!

He is an expert in teaching in-person dance classes, online dance classes, and helping people dance salsa, bachata, or other Latin Dances.

Here is a little more on Waldo's background:

Been training for over 20 years with:

Karen y Ricardo 9X World Champions,
Fernando Sosa,
Ataca y La Alemana,
Adrian y Anita,
Daniel y Desiree,
Korke y Judith - Creators of Sensual Bachata,
Alberto Valdes,
Adolfo Indacochea,
Ronald y Alba,
Jessica Patella,
Isabelle et Felicien,
Alex y Desiree,
Charlie y Tania,
Francisco Vazquez - Co-creators of Salsa L.A. Style,
Luis Vazquez - Co-creators of Salsa L.A. Style,
Johnny Vazquez - Co-creators of Salsa L.A. Style,
Alfredo Piceno,
Jen Piceno,
Jimmy Rumba,
Ana Llorente

Work History:
Instructor for 20+ years trained 5,000+ people annually, Have customers in over 50+ countries around the globe

Awards, Titles, and Designations:
Dance Performer & Dance instructor for 3 years at Salsambo Dance Company
Dance instructor for more than a decade years at SalsaKnox Dance Company

Other Info:
Training to be a dancer, dance performer & instructor at Salsambo Dance Company & World Mastery, Have customers in over 50+ countries around the globe

Proud Son, Brother, Father & Husband

Built a dance company in the economic crash of 2008 and grew it at scale even more during the 2020 pandemic! 

He moved to Atlanta, GA in 2003 and was introduced to Salsa by Alfredo Piceno (Salsambo Dance Company) in July 2006. Motivated by what he saw, he immediately started training intensely with Alfredo and Jen Piceno.

I Co-create SalsaKnox Dance Company in 2008

I Co-create DancingFlix in 2020
SalsaKnox Rumberas (Knoxville), Bamacitas (Alabama) Led it by Tropical Gem Ladies (Italy)
March 9th 2019
Coming Up Salsa Dance Events - Knoxville, Tennessee
SalsaKnox Performance Schedule 2021
- Channel 6 - September 18th, 2021: National Dance Day
- Friday, September 24th, 2021: International Festival (12:35-12:45pm) at University of TN, Knoxville
​- Sunday, September 26th, 2021: (12:55pm) HOLA FESTIVAL at World's Fair Park, Knoxville, TN
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