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CUMBIA Bootcamp Online

For Absolute Beginners (2023)
CUMBIA from A to Z. Learn how to TRULY Dance Your Way to FUN & EXCITEMENT. From Beginner to Advanced
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Created by Waldo y Jacqui Solano
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The Complete Online
What you'll learn
  • Lead or Follow secrets.
  • Learn how to lead & how to follow beautiful steps.
  • Bachata workshops: combination, style, connection.
  • You will be ready to attend a latin party and dance in public.
  • Learn how to dance Bachata with couple or solo & enjoy your dance at home or in public.
  • Learn the codes of connecting with your partner.
  • Tell stories on the dance floor: go beyond steps.
This course includes:
On-demand video
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of completion
  • Zero previous Cumbia experience necessary - you'll learn to dance bachata in couple or solo & launch yourself in your first latin party!
  • Learn how to lead & how to follow beautiful steps.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ THE Complete Cumbia Course= 8 Cumbia Steps in HD video to SHINE LIKE A STAR on the dance floor ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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This program is the result of the last 40 years of dance experience combine...

That method worked for us and the 10,000 students the we have trained offline and online every year...

We teach in over 100 countries!
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Traditional Cumbia Step
Are you looking to start dancing but aren't sure where to begin? Look no further! Here are the fundamental basic steps that will get you started on your dance journey. Happy dancing!
Cumbia Basic Step
This is the perfect bachata move to show off your skills! The Basic Step Forward & Back is a classic move that will have everyone watching you with envy. So get ready to dance and impress with this amazing bachata move.
Cumbia Basic Step Side to Side
The basic Bachata Basic Step Front & Back Cross is a perfect move for beginners in Bachata dance.

It is made up of a combination of front and back cross steps that give the dancer even more creative freedom with their movements.

With this versatility, beginners can hone their skills to create custom patterns with their steps and turns while dancing.

Perfect for those looking to learn something new or just have fun with friends, the Bachata Basic Step Front & Back Cross offer variety in entertainment and artistic satisfaction.
Front Cross Cumbia Step
The Bachata Cross Body Lead is a fun and dynamic dance lesson for everyone.

This class provides an in-depth look at the fundamental elements of this traditional Latin dance, helping you to perfect your own style.

Even absolute beginners can expect to leave feeling confident in their newly acquired skills! Underneath all that glitz and glamour lies a meaningful connection between two people – Waldo Y Jacqui Solano’s Bachata Cross Body Lead course helps bring out just that.

Not only does it sharpen existing skills but also it provides a platform for exploring the very essence of music and expression through improvisation.

With its unique blend of artistry and grace, this special course is sure to create cherished memories for years to come!
Cumbia Step Tap
Waldo y Jacqui Solano's Bachata Drop Tap & Merengue Turn is a fun and easy to learn dance tutorial that will have you feeling confident on the dance floor!

This tutorial focuses on the essential moves for beginners, helping them master the basics of bachata dancing.

This instructional video introduces the foundational steps of this popular Latin American dance, such as footwork, and drops.

Additionally, you’ll learn exciting new moves like turns, and partnering technique.
Basic Step in Place with Pendulum Hips
This revolutionary dance move is sure to have you spinning and swaying like a pro in no time.

In this tutorial, Waldo and Jacqui provide simple instructions that make learning the basics fast and easy.

Each step of the intricate movement is broken down into easy-to-follow sections so that you can quickly master what it takes to get the pendulum hips going.

Plus, they will show you different variations as well so that you can take your dance moves up a notch.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from one of the best instructors today!

With Bachata Basic Step in Place with Pendulum Hips by Waldo Y Jacqui, you’ll be able to easily master the fundamentals of this dynamic style of dancing in no time at all.

So grab your partner and get ready for an exciting journey towards becoming a masterful dancer!
Ladies & Guys Right Turn
Bachata Ladies & Guys Right Turn with waldo y jacqui is the perfect dance class to learn the fundamentals of bachata.

In this class, you'll learn the technique and footwork of the right turn in a fun and creative environment.

Instructors Waldo and Jacqui will guide you through each step while teaching you how to move your body, turning with your partner in sync.

They will also provide tips on leading/following, connection, and improvisation so that you can really get into the music and express yourself.

This tutorial is suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced, as it starts with basic steps then gradually builds up with more complex moves.

Plus, by focusing on individual body movements throughout the class, dancers will be able to maximize their expression in their dance.

Get ready for a unique learning experience filled with passion and creativity!
Ladies & Guys Left Turn
This class with Waldo y Jacqui is the perfect way to take your Bachata skills to the next level!

The tutorial focuses on mastering left turns, a foundational element of bachata.

You'll learn body movement, coordination and partnering techniques that will help you develop clean, crisp and creative spins.

The class will also cover leading and following technique, so both ladies and gentlemen will be able to practice their moves in a safe and supportive environment.

To further enhance your experience, you'll also be taught how to use music effectively when dancing.

So come along and join Waldo y Jacqui as they take you through an exciting journey into Bachata left turns!
Frequently Asked Questions
- Can you learn to dance bachata online?
Many bachata programs online offer completely different teaching methods. Many emphasize the individual bachata moves, whereas others emphasize rhythms or music. There is a range of live, individual, and synchronous lessons.
- How can I learn bachata dancing at home?
There are a few things you can do to learn bachata dancing at home.

First, watch instructional videos online or on TV. There are many different sources of instruction out there, and you can find some great ones for free online.

Second, attend local dance classes. This is a great way to get personal instruction and practice with other dancers.

Finally, find a partner and start practicing at home! Dancing with someone else will help you better understand the techniques involved in salsa dancing.
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