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What May Be Some Excuses For Not Trying Salsa Dancing?
Excuse #1: I don't have a partner:
GREAT. Most come without partners to our classes! 

Excuse #2: I have two left feet!
Perfect. Two left feet are our specialty.  You bring the feet, and we'll bring the fun! Leave the instruction to us! We got you!

See More Excuses below: We want to make sure we answer all the most commonly asked questions/excuses for anyone who is hesistent to try....

"I Don't Have Time."
So, you don’t think you have time to dance salsa, right? Busy workweek putting everyone ahead of yourself? No time to think about you? 

Let me ask you then….Do you have time to take care of yourself? Do you make time to be good to your own body and mind? Do you think more of others than you do yourself? Do you worry too much about others and their opinions?

Salsa dance is truly a way you can tackle several birds with one stone. It’s a great workout, healthy for mind and body connection, and leaves you feeling re-energized and re-charged for the rest of your “busy” week. You don’t even realize you are moving so much in our classes! You get the workout without the boring and mundane time at a gym. It’s always a party when you dance! 

So, I ask you….do you not have time to devote 45minutes a week to create a better you? We believe you do…we believe it’s essential to have time in your workweek to de-stress, gain confidence, and re-energize! 

So, now you are thinking that you may want to try….and maybe you have seen our videos on social media for a while now. 

We are a Salsa dance company that starts a new cycle of classes every 8 weeks! You will be learning the fundamentals of Salsa with the best tips and tricks to get you dancing faster and more easily, all while burning those calories and meeting new people!
"But... I want to begin salsa dancing but don't have a partner."
That's. Not. A. Problem...

Salsa dancing is a super fun and social activity where you will always find people to dance salsa with no matter what!

On the dance floor, nobody cares whether you know how to salsa dance or not...

All they care about is having fun salsa dancing, so if somebody doesn't know how to dance salsa yet it's totally fine...
"I am afraid to try salsa dancing because I'm scared of being embarrassed."
Everybody has been there once. 

The feeling of salsa dance is similar to that of having your first kiss or asking a super cute guy or a girl out on a date...

Fear of dance salsa is normal and it's part of the fun! 

But if you really want to dance salsa then don't be shy and go dance salsa! 

Trust me, it's more fun than embarrassing salsa dance exercises. :)

But if you still feel shy salsa dancing is still better than not salsa dancing at all.
"I can't dance salsa."
Well, dancing salsa is a skill-based activity and the only way of improving it is by dancing salsa. 

So learning how to dance can be challenging but also really rewarding because you will discover that dance is actually pretty fun.

The good news is that salsa can be learned pretty fast.

So if you are struggling with salsa just give it some time-- salsa dance will come to you! :)
"I'm just not a salsa person..."
Totally understandable. Salsa may not fit your style or who you are as a person right now. And that's okay.

But maybe salsa can be your thing in the future, so just give it a try and see how dance fits you! dance is different for everybody!

So if salsa dance doesn't make you happy right now there are other things out there to do instead.

Salsa may not fit your style but dance will not keep you from being the awesome person you are!
"Salsa is too difficult to learn."
Well, salsa can be hard at first because salsa moves are very versatile.

So dance exercises usually start with slow steps before eventually increasing their speed and complexity.

But this dance method is totally worth it because dance is so much fun and dance is such a fantastic workout salsa will definitely get you up and dancing!

So don't give up salsa just because salsa dance seems difficult at first.

Salsa only takes time and practice to learn-- but salsa will be easier than you think!
"I'm not flexible or strong enough."
Salsa dance is a great exercise that can get you fit pretty fast! 

But dance exercises also have the tradition of being gentle on your body.

So dance will never hurt you-- dancing always cares about your flexibility and stamina! 

So even you are a beginner it will feel comfortable.
"I'm scared of people staring."
At first, dance can be intimidating, but dance is actually really fun! 

If you dance in public someone's eyes might stare at your moves.

But they are not thinking bad about your skills.

So don't be afraid to show your skills, dance will make you a better person! :)
"I can't afford lessons."
You can always find ways to save money for lessons.

But if salsa is so expensive, you can always dance on your own.

Dancing salsa is a fantastic exercise the don't have to involve other people!

If you learn how to dance on your own it will probably take longer, but you will still improve your skills over time.
Meet Your Instructors/Owners Waldo y Jacqui
Learn How To Salsa Dance In less Than 45 Minutes A Week | salsa dance | Learn How To Salsa Dance | Knoxville TN

Jacqueline Solano

Waldo Solano

What Our Students Are Saying
Victoria Gay ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Positive: Communication, Professionalism
Are you an adult living in the greater Knoxville area who wants to 1) make new friends, 2) improve your physical and mental health, and 3) learn to look super cool on the dance floor? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you should 100% make an investment in your happiness and take a class with the Salsa Knox Company.

I signed up to do the beginners Salsa Bootcamp, which occurred over an 8 week period, with Jacqueline and Waldo back in April of 2021. The Bootcamp was so much fun and, to top it off, I lost 10 pounds from the newfound movement I started adding to my weekly routine. This is not even the best part - I found a community of friends. This community is inclusive to all backgrounds and has been one of the biggest blessings that I had in 2021.

After I finished the Bootcamp, I decided to continue my training as a member. I now enjoy access to several level class options a week. Salsa at Salsa Knox Company is therapy for me. Maybe it could be for you too! But you never know unless you try 😊. I would recommend to anyone who loves to dance and wants to get better to check this place out!
P G ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
Perfect for beginners as well as those wanting to take their salsa skills to the next level. Waldo and Jacqui are amazing dancers themselves as well as incredible teachers; they take you step by step, building on previous lessons, so that you truly are able to become a quality dancer. So much fun, def worth it.
jojo colquitt ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
SalsaKnox classes are great! You can really tell that Jacqueline and Waldo are both passionate and genuinely love what they do. They work well with advanced dancers and are especially good with beginners (even with mixed skill levels in the same class. Not sure how they manage to make that work, but they do). Even with zero experience, I never felt intimidated because no matter how many mistakes I made, they would always take time to help me with technique, choreography, or any other details I was having problems with. As a beginner, this helped me build some confidence about coming back again and again. In my opinion, they are the best in Knoxville for beginners. I enjoyed the time I spent in their classes.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Salsa?
Salsa is a spanish term some the musicians shouted while they were playing their latin music same way to generate excitement.

Salsa music and salsa dancing originated in Cuba and before from the United States of America U.S.A regions of the city of New York (cuban immigrants) and Puerto Rico and Cuban folk dances and different styles of dance.

The New York movements of the Salsa dance style and salsa rhythm are a combination of other styles like Afro-Cuban dances Son, cha-cha-cha, Mambo, Rumba, bomba, and the Danzón.

The dance, along with salsa music (Latin Music), saw major development in the mid-1970s in the city of New York thanks to famous musicians like Fania All Stars, Tito Puente.

Different regions of Latin America (North, Center and South America) and the United States have distinct salsa styles of their own (Latin dancing), such as Cuban (Rueda de Cacino), Puerto Rican, Cali Colombia, L.A. (Los Angeles Style), Cali style salsa, Miami Style Casino, and New York-style (created by Eddie Torres - the mambo king in the city of New York) and other salsa styles.

Salsa dance socials are commonly held in night clubs, bars, ballrooms, restaurants, dance halls, and outside, especially when part of an outdoor festival with live music like afro cuban band.

Salsa dancers in many dance styles of dance like salsa New York style, the salsa dancer in the basic step shift their weight by stepping, the upper body remains level and nearly unaffected by the body weight changes.

A dance style In the basic steps, the weight shifts cause the hips to move. Arm and shoulder movements are also incorporated like in other styles of dance.

Some common moves in famous salsa styles of partnered dance like salsa on1 style, New York style, Rueda de Casino style, Miami style, and other styles are basic steps, cross body lead open position, and closed position, very popular in North, Center and South America.

Salsa generally uses music ranging from about 150 bpm (beats per minute) to around 250 bpm, although most dancing is done to music somewhere between 160–220 bpm.

The basic of Salsa New York style dance rhythm consists of taking three steps for every four beats of music.

A measure in salsa music is the number of beats per minute. Most salsa songs are around 120-130 beats per minute.

If you want to see famous dancers performing routines of some dance style of salsa on1 style, New York style, Miami style, cali style salsa or other main styles check youtube videos where you will see dancers using some of the steps described in this blog.

Modern salsa music in places like New York is a fusion of deferents styles of music like Caribbean music, mambo music, jazz music, swing music, hip hop music and others music styles.

Today you can find a fusion of salsa music, dancers and styles classes from west to middle east in every single continent in nightclubs around the world.
What is Latin Dance?
Latin dance (international dance) is a type of partner dancing that originated in Latin America and the Caribbean. It includes a wide range of latin dances (international dance), from the samba to the cha-cha-cha very popular in Center and South America.

Latin dance is a great way to get fit and have fun! It's a very social activity, and perfect for people of all ages and skill levels the love latin music.

If you're interested in learning more about Latin dance, there are plenty of classes available in our schedule. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, you can always try teaching yourself by watching Latin dances online tutorials and practicing with goo music. Have fun!
Who is this for?
Our classes are for singles or couples who want to learn how to do some dance moves or new moves if you have some experience.

Our classes are for absolute beginners dancers.
What should I wear to class?
We highly encourage dance shoes.

However, they are not required for the first beginner Bootcamp.

No dress code.

Dress comfortably, dress light, and something you can move around and dance in!
Do I need special shoes?
Beginners dancers can start with street shoes or dress shoes that have ankle-straps (support) with medium-height heels or any flat-bottom shoes or regular dancing shoes.

Avoid wearing shoes that have thick rubber soles such as sneakers, clogs, boots, or flip-flops.

Shoot us an email for more info on dance shoes.
I don’t have a dance partner…is it necessary to bring a partner to class?
No partner is necessary for any of our classes.
Do I need to pre-register for a class or can I just show up at the studio?
Yes, please register for each class online before coming to our dance studios. We do NOT accept in-person payment at this time.
Is previous dance experience necessary?
Previous experience in different styles of dance is NOT required for our classes or any partner dance class.
Can I still join the new cycle if I missed the 1st class?
New Students/Beginners dancers are suggested to start at the beginning of a cycle.

The 1st week is preferred but you may join the 2nd week if space allows.

After the 2nd week, you will need to wait for the next cycle (repeats every 8 weeks).

Check our next cycle dates on the schedule.
What are the refund policies?
Bootcamp purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Try us today and see how classes can changes your life! :) 

If dance isn't something that interests you now, at least give it a try to find out how different salsa dancing is from other dance styles exercises like hip hop. 

Salsa music and dance will make you feel be happy in the future so just give it a try! Sign up today!
SalsaKnox : Vision and Mission Statements
VISION of SalsaKnox Dance Company: (What do we hope to achieve?)
-To inspire all people to find their own happiness through the joy of dance!

MISSION of SalsaKnox Dance Company: (How we will we achieve this?)
 -To provide a fun and safe dance community where all students feel successful: 
mentally, emotionally, and physically.

"Dancing with Purpose"
"You Bring the Feet, We'll Bring the Fun"
"If you can walk, you can dance"

.....Remember, you are only 1 lesson away! You got this! 
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