Salsa Ladies Styling
Dance Team

The SalsaKnox Ladies Dance Team is led by Jacqueline Solano, co-owner of SalsaKnox Dance Company.  This team is built for ladies with Salsa experience who wish to join a team geared to performance! 

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Salsa Ladies Styling Dance Team | SalsaKnox Dance Company | Knoxville, TN

Salsa Ladies Styling Dance Team

Did you know that there is a dance team for ladies that love to salsa? It's true! The Salsa Ladies Styling Dance Team is a group of women who come together to learn/excel in their dance skills and perform at events. If you're interested in joining, keep reading to find out how.
Salsa Ladies Styling Dance Team | private lessons | ladies styling

Have you been dancing Salsa La Style for At least 1 year?  
Are you ready to perform with other ladies just like you? 

Good News: SalsaKnox Dance Company is the only company that offers a competitive LA Style Ladies Salsa Team in Knoxville, TN! Our goal is performance at local and non-local events.  We perform at Congresses, dance events, socials, and more!  

Introduce The Performance Team

Jacqui has been developing ladies' dance teams for over 15 years. Her methods and programs will give you the confidence you need on and off the dance floor. It's not about becoming world champions or salsa world champions overnight. It's about showing your passion for Latin dances, sharing the love of dance at events with other performance teams, and becoming the dancer you always dreamed of. Allow her to teach you the styles, the music, and the skill level you need. The location and registration will all be done online, so please do not miss out on the opportunity to join other dancers and non-dancers in learning new Salsa styling techniques.  

Although we love to perform around the country, we also love to spread out love in the community here in Knoxville TN by often bringing our students to events like Hola Festival in the fall and other local events. Performers are not defined as people with talent. A performer is simply someone willing to take a chance, and this could be your opportunity for loading and developing a new sense of passion on the dance floor.

The Benefits Of Salsa Dancing For Women

There are so many benefits of takin dance lessons for women! It's a great way to get fit, have fun, and meet new people, all while excelling in what you love, SALSA DANCING. We pride ourselves on providing an atmosphere for dancers to grow and excel in their ladies styling.  We run professional weekly practices, and we make sure dancers have what they need to showcase amazing routines!

How Did This Salsa Dance Team Begin?

Founded over a decade ago, Jacqueline Solano wanted to bring groups of women in the community together for a common love, Salsa Dancing. One of her passions is transforming the lives of women! Some women that come to the team begin timid, without confidence, and a little overwhelmed with life. By the end of each salsa team season, there is always a change. Women develop a sense of self, a place, and a community.

Meet Your Instructor

salsa ladies styling | Jacqueline Solano | Jacqui Solano | SalsaKnox Dance Company

Jacqueline Solano

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we perform?
Yes, the goal of this team is performance at the end of each season. Each season lasts about 6 months.  
What skill level do I need to be able to join?
To try-out, you must have been dancing salsa for at least 1 year in LA Style and have previous experience.
What will I need to purchase? 
There are a few things that will need to be purchased, included a dress and shoes.  There is also a monthly membership fee.  Message Jacqueline Solano for more details.

SalsaKnox Mission Statement:

Our mission is dedicated to providing a welcoming, safe space for people of all abilities and backgrounds to learn how to dance in an easy-to-follow structure and format. As part of this dedication, we believe that exercise has many benefits including improving your mental and physical health! Creating healthy lifestyles leads to achieving personal goals or simply living life to the fullest. What's most important to us is our members' well-being and the community as a whole. 

SalsaKnox is the first and largest Latin dance company in Knoxville, TN! We bring Latin dances to our community every week including Beginner Salsa and Bachata Bootcamps, Intermediate and Advanced lessons, and Teams! We have the largest group dance classes in the history of Knoxville, TN with over 50+ students per week, and we are still growing. We believe if you can walk, you can dance!

SalsaKnox Vision Statement:

We believe our purpose here on Earth is to solve problems, end suffering, and transform our world into a better place. We use this vision to push our dance company forward in a new way. By spreading our passion and love of Latin culture and dance around the world, we are helping others find purpose, bringing happiness and joy, and changing our communities!
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