Salsa Challenge

General Salsa Challenge Objective:

Hello, this is Waldo y Jacqui, and this is our 1st Salsa Challenge where ANYONE is welcome to participate. The object or goal of this challenge is to submit as many ORIGINAL videos of yourself as possible. Each video must only include on Salsa Step from Waldo's Reels. Each video must be original and of a different salsa step each time you post. Participates will receive 5 points for each video/step they submit. You can submit as many videos as you want whenever you want during the month of January. Waldo will calculate the total points everyone submits on February 1st, 2023. The winner will be announced at the February Salsa Social.
Detailed Guidelines:

Where can I find Salsa Videos for this challenge?  
Click on any video on Waldo's Facebook Wall.
Then, click on the lower left-hand side on Waldo's face picture.
This will send you to our playlist of all videos. Just be sure to check to make sure they are SALSA before you attempt to create your own video. 

How do I submit each video? (See below for ways to submit videos)

Option 1: (PRIVATE OPTION) Upload a video to the SalsaKnox Level 2 Chat.

Option 2: (PUBLIC OPTION) Find any Facebook Reel on Waldo Solano's Facebook Profile Wall of Salsa Steps or Partnerwork, and CLICK on the three dots on the lower right-hand side of the screen. Then, create a "REMIX YOUR REEL". Then, create your video next to the original video. Be sure to add #SalsaChallengeJanuary2023 in the description of your reel video.

Option 3: (PUBLIC OPTION): Go to SALSAKNOX FACEBOOK GROUP, and create and POST your video on the wall of that group. Be sure to add #SalsaChallengeJanuary2023 in the description of your reel video.

How many people can win, and what are the prizes?

3rd Place: Receives "Dancer of the Month" Certificate.

2nd Place: Receives "Dancer of the Month" Certificate AND one month FREE CLASS MEMBERSHIP for February 2023.

1st Place: "Dancer of the Month" Certificate; one month FREE CLASS MEMBERSHIP for February, 2023; one month FREE PARTY PASS TO ALL PARTIES THAT MONTH for February 2023.
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