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The Best
Salsa Music To Dance

salsa music | The Best Salsa To Dance | Salsa To Dance | SalsaKnox Dance Company

When we start learning how to dance, it helps a lot to know the type of music best suited to our dance level, to practice what you learned in dance classes at your dance school.

Down below is a list of the best salsa music with different types of speeds, always the slowest salsa songs tend to give us a marked rhythm and is easier for us to identify the times and rhythms.

Best Salsa Songs to Practice to!

  • 1 - Gloria Estefan - Como Me Duele Perderte

This is a good Salsa To Dance if you are a beginner, is slow enough so you can keep up with the speed and you can remember your salsa steps.

Artist: Gloria Estefan
Album: Alma Caribeña
Released: 2000
Genre: Salsa y tropical


Como duele el día nublado
Como el tiempo es tan pesado sí
Porque a diario pienso en ti
Que bien grita el silencio…

  • 2 - Louie Ramirez - Chin Chon Chow

Artist: Louie Ramirez
Album: Vibes Galore
Released: 1964
Genre: Salsa y tropical

  • 3 - Milagros Piñera & Sanmera - Fragilidad

Artist: Milagros Piñera & Sanmera
Album: Leche Condensada
Released: 2005
Genre: Jazz

  • 4 - Tito Puente - Mambo Diablo

Artists: His Latin Ensemble, Tito Puente
Release date: 1985
Genre: Jazz
Label: Concord Picante
Awards: Grammy Award for Best Tropical Latin Album

  • 5 - Lucky 7 Mambo - Nabori

Artist: The Lucky 7 Mambo
Album: The Basement Trax
Released: 2009

  • 6 - Grupo Latin Vibe - La Llave

Artist: Grupo Latin Vibe
Album: All That Vibe
Released: 2005

  • 7 - Yuri Buenaventura - Nino Africano

Artist: Yuri Buenaventura
Album: Herencia africana: Salsa de Colombia
Released: 1996

  • 8 - La Excelencia - Caminando

Artist: La Excelencia
Album: Mi Tumbao Social
Released: 2009

  • 9 - Joe Arroyo - Yamulemau

Artist: Joe Arroyo Y La Verdad
Album: Echao pa'lante
Released: 1987

  • 10 - Bloque 53 - Ay Mi Maria

Artist: Bloque 53
Album: Te Hace Mover Los Pies
Released: 2011

  • 11 - DJ Timba - El Timba Hermano

Artist: El Timba
Album: Descargando
Released: 2008

Top list of the most listened salsa songs in history
  • 1 - Celia Cruz - La vida es un Carnaval

Released: 1998
Recorded: 1997—1998
Genre: Salsa

  • 2 - Héctor Lavoe - Periódico de Ayer

Artist: Héctor Lavoe
Album: De Ti Depende
Released: 1976
Genre: Salsa y tropical

  • 3 - Eddie Palmieri - Vámonos pal monte

Artist: Eddie Palmieri
Album: Vamonos Pal Monte (Fania Masterworks)
Released: 1971
Genre: Salsa y tropical

  • 4 - Lalo Rodríguez - Devórame otra vez

Artist: Lalo Rodríguez
Album: Oro Salsero - 20 Exitos
Released: 1996

Top salsa songs by views on YouTube

Artist: Marc Anthony
Album: 3.0
Released: 2013
Genre: Salsa y tropical
Nominations: Billboard Latin Music Award for Streaming Song of the Year, World Music Award for World’s Best Video

  • 2 - Marc Anthony - Valio La Pena

Artist: Marc Anthony
Featured artists: Andy Montañez, Jose Alberto, Cheo Feliciano, Little Sis Nora
Album: Amar Sin Mentiras
Released: 2004
Genre: Salsa y tropical

  • 3 - Maluma ft. Marc Anthony - Felices los 4

Released: 21 April 2017
Genre: Latin pop reggaeton
Length: 3:50
Label: Sony Latin

Artist: Jerry Rivera
Album: Cuenta Conmigo
Released: 1992
Genre: Salsa y tropical

Artist: Celia Cruz
Featured artist: Mikey Perfecto
Nominations: Latin Grammy Award for Record of the Year
Genres: Salsa y tropical, Pop

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